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Who is Jim Raposa?
I'm shocked! Don't you know who I think I am?

My journey into marketing, copywriting and voice-over started back in the dark ages of 1975.
That was the year Space Mountain opened at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A couple of kids named Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded a little business called Microsoft. Former Teamsters Union president, Jimmy Hoffa, was reported missing. NBC first aired "Saturday Night Live". President Gerald Ford was still trying to Whip Inflation Now...and the top song of 1975 was
"Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Captain and Tennille.
How's that for a trip down memory lane?
Anyway, in '75 I started in radio as an on-air personality in my home state of Rhode Island; I was a teenager and having a blast on the radio! At that time I developed an interest and talent in commercial production and copywriting. The function of stringing words together in an effort to sell merchandise and services fascinated me, hence, my entrée into marketing. And yes, the caricature drawing of me (to the left) is from the dawn of my radio days. Look at that head of hair!

Back to marketing: I began to study the work of legendary advertising men and copywriters like John Caples, Max Sackheim, Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy and other masters of the trade; I learned that effective advertising has systems and guidelines. It's not enough to advertise price and item (especially in this era) and expect a parade of consumers to rush to your door like ants to a picnic table.

I later began to study modern masters like Halbert, Kennedy, Bly and others. I got my hands on classic mail order ads, studied them, hand copied them over and over until I could see the copy in my sleep!

By the 80s, I decided to segue into the ad agency biz as an owner. It was a kick, but I also realized I had more to offer in radio. In 1984, I re-entered radio and worked in Boston, Providence, Sacramento and Atlanta in on-air, marketing and management positions for companies such as CBS Radio, Westwood One, Entravision, Clear Channel, Jones Radio Network and others. I've also developed and marketed daily and weekend syndicated radio programming under my own company banner. In 1999, Raposa Media was launched, offering copywriting, strategic marketing and commercial production services to clients in the retail, automotive, info-marketing and entertainment industries.

Dick Clark with Jim Raposa
Johnny Mathis
Jim with Johnny Lee
Jim Raposa today
I am as much a student of my profession as I am a client of my own! I've learned on my own dime and I integrate strategies and tactics I've seen work to market my businesses and information-marketing products I've authored for clients. There aren't many who can make such a claim. I put my money where my mouth is.

That fact alone should resonate and speak volumes to you.

Whether working directly with a client, through an agency or marketing company, I strive to deliver top quality service and results in order to meet your marketing goal.

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Thanks for reading,

Jim Raposa

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