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Your script calls for a mature male voice-over. A voice that sells the copy in a variety of moods and settings: polished elegance, hard-sell, folksy, soft-sell, voice characterization.

But who will you call?

I'm Jim Raposa. As a voice-over talent, I understand the need to sell the written copy in the most effective manner. It's much less about announcing than it is about salesmanship. Creating a lasting impression in the few precious seconds of a broadcast commercial or a more expansive web or industrial video presentation.

You didn't come to this page to read about my voice-over ability…
You came to hear it!

Just LEFT CLICK the graphic to the right of this text with your mouse. A new window will open in your browser and my voice demo will start playing.

On the new browser page, place you mouse anywhere on the player bar, then RIGHT CLICK with your mouse. Next, select the "Save Audio As…" feature from the small pop-up window that will appear.

A new pop-up window will appear, showing your computer's hard drive. Save the file in the desired directory on your hard drive.

Play the audio for everyone you know…just be sure to contact Jim Raposa to book your voice-over gig!

Thanks for listening!

Rates for voice-over projects are available upon request and
determined based on delivery of dry voice product or fully produced with music and sfx.

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